How to track NH Legislator votes

Instructions to Track a NH Legislator’s Voting Record
These are the instructions on how to get to the NH Government Website and how to navigate to all of the legislators’ records.
There are two important things to remember before you review these:

1. You need to have a clear idea of the actual wording of the bill. If you are not sure, you should first navigate the bills themselves from the same Dash Board on the face page. (You can search by bill number or by key words. Be sure to put in the year of the bill. If you don’t know if a holdover from 2017 or new for 2018, just search both to find what you want. The “descriptive blurbs” only tell you the general topic, but do not give you what the bills actually DO with that topic. You have to get the detail to know if it is something you do or not agree with.
2. You have to also take care to be sure you know the meaning of the vote:
a. OTP is a vote to pass the bill as written. (Yay is to pass – Nay is to kill)
b. OTP-A is a vote to pass the bill with an amendment (that may change part of the meaning so important to check what the proposed amendment did to the bill.) If the amendment passes, a Yay vote is then to pass and Nay is to kill both.
c. ITL is a vote for “Inexpedient to Legislate” – if carries, the bill is dead. Yay is to kill it and Nay is to keep it alive.
d. Interim Study means it is sent back to committee for more study – Yay is to send back – if IS fails, it can be voted up, down or tabled depending on motions on the floor.
e. Tabled means it is “placed on the table” and requires a 2/3’s vote to bring it back. It usually means it is killed.

To see how your legislator voted:
The Dashboard is at:
On the right side you will see a pink topped box.
Choose: Voting Records
Choose Under: House or Senate and pick the year
When you get to House or Senate, you can either pick a specific bill if that is what you are looking for – or go down the list of reps and pick the name. When you pick on that, you will get the full list.
When you pick a specific bill, it gives the choice on the right to specify the rep votes that you can scroll through for those you want to see.
Once you have used the site a few times, you will find it is very easy to navigate. If you have questions, let me know. Edie

View or download this set of instructions as a PDF